40x120cm H7303 Yağlı Boya Tablo

40x120cm H7303 Yağlı Boya Tablo

Ürün Kodu:H7303
Stok Durumu:Stokta var
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40x120cm H7303 Yağlı Boya Tablo

Processing time: 100% Handmade

Shipping time: Typically 3-5 days via Domestic Shipping

Shipping cost: Free

Framing: Unframed/Stretched on Canvas

Packaging: The artwork undergoes a standard packaging process by Olga Çerçeve.

Material: Professional oil/acrylic paints, high-quality linen canvas.

Every oil painting we sell is 100% hand-painted on canvas by a professional artist. Your oil painting will be delivered to your door completely framed and ready to hang on your wall.

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